A good functioning gutter system is an essential part of the house and it plays very crucial role in the health of house. Properly installed rainwater gutter will direct discharge rainwater form the building foundation where it may leak into basement or damage the foundation itself or the surrounding properties.

Everplast ROYAL SERIES uPVC GUTTER R220 is special designed to capture larger water capacity to prevent water overflow. R220 is processed from a special formulated UPVC material through research and testing which allow the gutters to have long-lasting lifetime with minimum maintenance. The created formulation is mainly designed for high impact performance and excellent stability against harsh climatic condition.



Corrosion free material

Large water capacity

Special formulated material with UV resistant

Gutter profile with high front design, helps to hide untidy roof lines

Easy flow design

Light weight, easy to install

No expensive tooling required for installation

Can be painted easily to complement any colour scheme

Large water capacity (volume: 20 litre/meter)